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MA Education - Namita Sahu

Namita Sahu Name : Namita Sahu
Designation : Assistant Professor
E-mail : sahunamita19@gmail.com
Phone : +91- 6371635330, 7894669087


B.A. (GangadharMeher Autonomous College, Sambalpur), M.A(GangadharMeher University, Sambalpur), M.Phil (GangadharMeher University, Sambalpur) UGC NET


Research Methodology, Educational Psychology


2 Years

Teaching Interest & Research Interest

Teaching Interest:
Educational Psychology, Educational Statistics, Research Methodology, Educational Technology
Research Interest:
Psychology, Elementary and Secondary Education, Educational Technology.

Research Experience:

Thesis name:
1. A Study on Attitude of Parents and Teachers towards the Implementation of School Management Committee (SMC) at Elementary level.
2. Attitude of Undergraduate Students towards E-learning in COVID Era.
Organisation/ Institution:
Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur

Publications Journal :

1. Baral, R., Sahu, N.,& Meher, V. (2019). The Attitude of Teachers and Parents of Students towards the Implementation of School Management Committee (SMCs) at Elementary Level. International Journal of Theory and Application in Elementary and Secondary School Education.1(2), 51-65.
2. Sahu, N.,Meher, V., Sahu, S., & Dash, N. (2022). Undergraduate Student's Attitude towards E-learning: Gender and Stream of Education Perspectives. The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning. 10(3), 425-434.

Seminar/Conferences :

1. Presented a topic on " Social development perspectives by Gandhi" in the 2days National seminar on "Relevance of Gandhian thoughts in the 21st century" at GangadharMeher University, Sambalpur.
2. Participated in the 2 days National seminar on "Innovations and best practices for assuring quality in teaching and teacher education" at GangadharMeher University, Sambalpur.
3. Participated in the 4days International webinar on " Research Methodology and Practices in Education: Issues and Challenges" organised by GangadharMeher University, Sambalpur.

Workshop Attended :

1. Participated in the 2days National workshop on "Preparation of E-content and E-portfolio in Education" at GangadharMeher University, Sambalpur.