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MA Edication - Dr. Benudhar Pradhan

Benudhar Name : Dr. Benudhar Pradhan
Designation : Associate Professor
E-mail : benudharpradhan1968@suniv.ac.in
Phone : +91 9098629501, +91 9098862890(w)


1. B.A(Hons) 1991, from Panchayat College Bargarh.
2. M.A.(Education) 1994 from Kurukshetra University Kurukshatra,Haryana.
3. B.Ed 1996 from Sambalpur University.
4. M.A.(Pol.Science) 2012 from Pt.Ravishankar University, Raipur
5. P.hD(Education) 2021 from Sambalpur University


Special Education


26 Years

Teaching Interest & Research Interest

Teaching Interest - Educational Psychology
Research Interest - Measurement and Evaluation

Publications Journal :

1. Pradhan,B.D. (2021),"Gaps and needs in Professional Development Of Teachers working in Special School",International journal Of Special science and management study(IJSSMS),Vol.07,No.11 pp.55-64(ISSN:2454-4655)
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Books :

Pradhan.B.D.(2021),"Principle of Educational Psychology", Publisher Green Leaf Publication,Varanasi-221001, ISBN-978-93-92765-00-l

Conference :

1. National Seminar on" Future challenges for teachers in the present scenario" sponsored by UGC organized by Kalyan P.G.College Bhilai Nagar Durg (C.G) held from 19th and 20th November 2010. 2. State level workshop on "New dimensions in Research Methodology" Sponsored by UGC organized by Govt.Digvijay Autonomous P.G.College Rajnandgaon (C.G) held from 20th and 21st January 2011. 3. National Seminar on "Changing Scenario of Teacher Education in Globalization" sponsored by Haraprasad Institute of Behaviourial Studies(HIBS),Agra organized by Apollo College Anjora,Durg(C.G.) held from 23rd and 24th November 2013. 4. UGC Sponsored short term course on SPSS organized by Academic Staff College Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G.) held from 26th ,27th and 28th December 2013. 5. National Conference on" The impact of new Education Policy (2020) on Higher Education Sector" organized by Sandipani Academy on 30th November 2021.